1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse Tire Size

OEM tire size refers to the tires that were originally installed on 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse. This size is determined by the vehicle's manufacturer, considering various factors such as performance, safety, comfort, fuel efficiency, and the vehicle's overall design.

1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse uses P185/70R14 or 205/55R16 tire size based on model trim. Explore the 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse tire size chart below.

Model Trim Front Tire Size Rear Tire Size
Base Model P185/70R14 P185/70R14
GS P185/70R14 P185/70R14
GS DOHC 205/55R16 205/55R16
GS Turbo 205/55R16 205/55R16
GST 205/55R16 205/55R16
GSX 205/55R16 205/55R16

Why is 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse OEM tire size important?

When it comes to maintenance and safety of your 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse, choosing the right tire size is paramount. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) tire sizes are the specifications recommended by the vehicle manufacturer for optimal performance, handling, and safety. While some may be tempted to deviate from these prescribed sizes for various reasons, it is crucial to understand the importance of sticking to the OEM tire size.

Safety is the foremost consideration when it comes to choosing the correct tire size for your vehicle. OEM tire sizes are meticulously designed and tested by the manufacturer to ensure compatibility with the vehicle's weight, suspension, and braking systems. Deviating from these specifications can compromise safety, leading to reduced traction, compromised handling, and an increased risk of accidents. OEM tire sizes are specifically chosen to maintain the intended balance and performance characteristics of the vehicle, providing optimal stability and control.

Optimal vehicle performance is directly linked to the tire size specified by the manufacturer. The size, width, and aspect ratio of the tires play a significant role in the overall driving experience. OEM tire sizes are carefully selected to ensure the vehicle's suspension and drivetrain systems work harmoniously, delivering the desired performance in terms of acceleration, braking, and cornering. Altering the tire size can result in changes to the speedometer reading, fuel efficiency, and overall driving dynamics, negatively impacting the vehicle's performance.

Using the OEM tire size ensures compatibility with the vehicle's wheels, avoiding any potential fitment issues. Choosing an alternative tire size might require modifications to the wheels or suspension system, leading to additional expenses and potential warranty voids. Sticking to the recommended OEM tire size ensures that your vehicle remains compliant with the manufacturer's specifications, ensuring smooth operation and preserving your warranty coverage.

1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse tire sizes are carefully selected to provide an optimal balance between ride comfort and noise levels. Manufacturer considers factors such as sidewall stiffness, tread pattern, and compound to ensure a smooth and quiet ride. Deviating from the OEM tire size can result in increased road noise, decreased comfort, and harsher vibrations, compromising the overall driving experience.

Maintaining the OEM tire size is crucial for preserving the resale value of your Mitsubishi Eclipse. Prospective buyers often look for vehicles that have been well-maintained and adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations. If you decide to sell your vehicle, having the correct tire size, along with the appropriate maintenance records, can enhance its desirability and fetch a higher resale price.

While it may be tempting to deviate from the OEM tire size for personal preferences or perceived cost savings, it is crucial to recognize the significance of adhering to the manufacturer's recommendations. 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse tire sizes are carefully selected to ensure optimal safety, performance, and compatibility with the vehicle's systems. By choosing the correct tire size, you prioritize the well-being of yourself and others on the road, enjoy optimal performance, and preserve the resale value of your vehicle. When it comes to tires, it is best to trust the expertise of the vehicle manufacturer and prioritize safety above all else.

Where can I find the OEM tire size for 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

You can find the OEM tire size of your 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse in the owner's manual or on the placard usually located on the inside of the driver-side door, glove compartment door, or fuel door.

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