42x14.50R20 Tire Size

Understanding 42x14.50R20 tire size is crucial for making informed decisions when purchasing new tires, whether it is for replacement or upgrade, as it plays an important role in your vehicle's performance and safety. Let's explore 42x14.50R20 tire size specs and dimensions, what vehicles are equipped with 42x14.50R20 tires and what are its replacement alternatives.

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What does 42x14.50R20 mean?

42x14.50R20 is a Flotation tire size that is commonly used on light trucks and commercial vehicles that require extra durability and load carrying capacity. Let us decode each aspect of 42x14.50R20 tire size dimensions for better understanding.

  • 42 - this number represents the overall diameter of a tire when it is fully inflated and not under load. For this particular tire size, tire's diameter is 42 inches.
  • 14.50 - this number indicates tire's section width, which includes the entire width of the tire from one sidewall to the other. The tread width is typically a bit narrower than the section width. Since this is a Flotation tire size, this measurement is in inches. So section width of this particular tire is 14.50 inches.
  • R - this letter denotes that tire has radial construction.
  • 20 - the last number indicates the wheel diameter in inches that the tire is designed to fit. 42x14.50R20 can be mounted on rims with 20 inches in diameter.
42x14.50R20 Section Width
42x14.50R20 Tire Side
Tire Circumference
480 Revs/Mile
Metric Inches
Tread Width 368.3 mm 14.50"
Aspect Ratio 76%
Rim Diameter 508 mm 20"
Tire Diameter 1066.8 mm 42"
Sidewall Height 279.4 mm 11"
Circumference 3350 mm 131.9"
Revolutions 299 per km 480 per mile

What vehicles use 42x14.50R20 tire size?

No vehicles found.

What are replacement alternatives for 42x14.50R20 tire?

No compatible replacement tire sizes found.

What wheels can 42x14.50R20 tire be mounted on?

42x14.50R20 tires are generally approved to be mounted on 10" to 12" wide wheels. The follwing wheel sizes can be used:

  • 20x10
  • 20x10.5
  • 20x11
  • 20x11.5
  • 20x12

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